1. FOFO (₹5LAKH + 10% ROYALTY)

Franchise owned and Franchise operated model (Good for people with prior business knowledge)

Rental agreement will be in franchise name and franchise has to run all the operations of the outlet.

2. FOCO (₹4LAKH + 20% ROYALTY)

Franchise owned and company operated model (Good for people who just want to leave all headaches of management and operations to us and just monitor Sales, cash and accounts everyday)

Rental agreement will be in franchisor name and we will run all the operations of the outlet. You can just come and easily monitor accounts, cash and sales everyday


Company owned and company operated model (Good for people who wants to invest in 1 outlet and be a silent partner without having to come everyday)

Rental agreement will be in franchisor name and we will run all the operations of the outlet. You can just monitor accounts, cash and sales everyday or monthly or yearly.


Minimum investment of 10 lakh onwards.  1% share for every 10 lakh invested. (Good for people who don’t have time to work in the industry but want to make a investment  for yearly dividends of the company’s growth and own some shares of the whole brand)

We will provide our brand name, suppy products, SOP of our company service procedures for each employee, monthly branding materials along with company digital marketing, Advertisements and offers, Training, Staff support, IT Tech and Billing Software, customer retention.

10 years of experience in different situations, Staff support, marketing, franchise advantage, brands tieup, operations suggestions and implementation, quality maintained, customer retention and improvements, billing and software.