No we do not charge for hair consultations.

In general, permanent hair color will remain till your hair grows out naturally, exposing the roots. This usually takes between 4 to 6 weeks depending on each individual. This 4 to 6 week window is also when the color will begin to fade (usually after approximately 25 washes).

Smoothening or straightening takes 3-5 hours depending upon hair length and volume.

No. Straightening is a chemical service as well colouring. We suggest 7-30 days gap between 1 chemical to another, But in certain cases it can be done. For that please talk to us for free consultation.

Smoothening, Straightening, Perming and Curling is a  permanent treatments involving hair chemicals and the new hair in the roots starts to grow back to your natural hair so we recommend a followup treatment to maintain after 6-9 months. Whereas keratin treatment is a protein treatment to add the required proteins to your hair which makes it smooth and removes frizzyness/dryness/damage and we recommend a followup treatment after 3-6 months to maintain.

No it is not expensive or difficult to maintain the hair treatments if you use the homecare products suggested by our hairstylists and listen to the consultation properly and ask enough questions during the treatment. Hair treatments change your look for 3-12 month so you will be in love with yourself again.

To make sure your salon experiences are always positive we suggest you bring in several pictures that would best illustrate the style & look that you want. The more references you show the better.

Firstly, be patient. When you first start growing your beard, leave it untouched for 4 to 6 weeks to ensure the hairs grow in evenly. This will also help in styling your beard to suit your face shape. Trimming your beard is essential to keeping it looking & feeling healthy. Washing your beard thoroughly & use a beard oil to condition the hairs & make them soft & shiny. Hair & Byond offers all the Beard Maintenance services you would require to keep your beard at the top of its game. Services include our Signature Beard Shave & Trim and our Signature Beard Spa. We do also retail at-home beard maintenance kits & products.

Beard oil helps hydrate & condition both your beard & your skin under it. It not only helps keep fly always down but also keeps your beard smelling great. Beard wax not only protects your beard & keeps fly aways down, but also is perfect for styling & grooming. It keeps your bear looking nice & strong, while keeping it protected from weather elements like wind & rain.

Most clients benefit from monthly facials. Hair & Byond’s facials have been known to rejuvenate & revitalise skin, slow down ageing and keep skin nourished, with our signature facial strokes. To retain & prolong your facial health we do recommend monthly facials and suggest home care regimen that will maintain your skin health.

Slight redness is normal after a facial, especially if you’ve received any sort of exfoliation or a large amount of extractions during your treatment. This redness may be experienced for a short amount of time & should dissipate shortly after your facial service is completed. Certain skin types, especially those who tend to be more sensitive, may be more prone to experiencing redness post treatment.

At Hair & Byond, we offer a wide range of facials, targeting any & all of your individual skin requirements. After a thorough skin analysis, our expert Skincare consultants will suggest a facial that is apt for you

Absolutely! Facials are beneficial for both men & women. Facials can help reduce skin sensitivity from shaving, and nourish & hydrate skin. If you do have inherently sensitive skin it is recommended you do not shave immediately before your facial, as this can lead to further irritation.

We offer Bridal Make-up + Hair packages and are in the process of creating multiple packages which will include treatments from our wide range of service lines. We offer free consultations to formulate packages tailored to your requirements.

We encourage you to book as early as possible. We can accommodate you best when we have plenty of time before your big day. If your package includes Skincare, Spa & Clinic services, it is best we start at least 3 months in advance in order to get maximum results from the services & ensure you look your best on your big day.

Ideal wait time is 3-4 weeks between sessions depending on your hair growth rate. Hair usually grows slower in winter months & faster in summer months.

Hair should be atleast quarter of an inch long in order to be long enough to grab with the wax. Ideal length is between quarter to half inch in length.

Make sure you do not apply moisturiser, exfoliate, expose the area to the sun or exercise vigorously before your appointment as this may irritate & damage your skin.

Do not exfoliate (with scrubs), sunbathe, or go to the gym for about 24 hours after waxing. – Do not use any products that contain artificial colors or fragrances as they might irritant or infect your skin. – Do not scrub off any wax residue that is left behind. Gently wash off with mild soap & water. A gentle body oil would also work.

Yes. The bottom line is your hair is being pulled out by the root & different body parts hurt more or less than others. We try to minimise the pain by utilising superior waxing products & techniques and by waxing as quickly as possible

In general, be careful when doing things so you don’t damage your nail extensions & your natural nails. – Be gentle for the first 24-48 hours after the service as it takes time for the bonding process to complete – Protect your nails by using gloves when doing housework or garden work – Stay away from heat & fire as it may cause the extensions to melt – Remember to moisturise your hands after washing them. This will allow the skin & nail bed to stay smooth & moisturised – Avoid using moisturisers & products that contain lanolin or mineral oil – Use cuticle oil every evening to nourish the nail, resulting in a stronger natural nail – Always use an acetone free nail polish remover to remove any polish without damaging the extension underneath – Do not pick off your nail extensions as this will damage the quality & health of your natural nails. Always have your extensions professionally removed in the salon – Visit us for regular extension maintenance appointments, approximately every 2-3 weeks, to keep your nails in shape & looking their best.

Be careful with your nails in the first 24 hours till the gel polish sets. – Use cuticle oil daily by dabbing a little onto each nail & massaging into the nail & surrounding skin – Using cuticle oil gives your nails the nutrients they need to stay strong & healthy – Do not pick the product off. This will cause damage to your natural nail that cannot be repaired – Please wait 24 hours after application before swimming as the chlorine may cause lifting of the Gel Polish – Certain products like sunscreen, tanning lotion, insect repellents & anything oil based can cause the polish to lift. Try to avoid getting the product on the nail & wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

This is a common myth. Nails are dead tissues & do not need to breathe. Keeping nails painted helps strengthen that nail. That being said we recommend using good quality polish from well-known brands to sustain nail health.

All our treatments are done by our expert trained specialists. Our clinic is headed by renowned dermatologists & cosmetologists in Bangalore.

Depending on the service taken, the result can sometimes be noticeable after just one session. Clinical treatments usually require multiple sessions to see visible & long lasting results.

Depending on the service, the gap can range from 15 days to a month.

To ensure your complete comfort during body treatments it is recommended to refrain from hair removal / shaving, 24 hours before your service.

We recommend coming for your spa treatment wearing comfortable clothing & preferably leaving any jewellery & valuables at home. During your spa therapy, we ask that you disrobe completely for your body treatment(s). For your comfort, disposable underwear and a bathrobe are provided. Our therapists are trained to appropriately drape you for privacy.